About Seid Property Maintenance

Seid Property MaintenanceSeid Property Maintenance is a Central Illinois property maintenance company that provides top-of-the-line service with a trusted process and quality customer service. We are built on the talents and resources our community has to offer. We are based in Peoria, Illinois and provide our services throughout the region.

What does Seid Property Maintenance have to offer our clients?

  • Specialization in preserving, maintaining and updating local properties to make them the best they can be
  • A goal is to preserve and enhance your property
  • A combination of expert industry experience with the knowledge and research to best complete the task at hand
  • The best in workmanship, completing jobs in a timely manner and treating our projects and clients with integrity

Each property is treated as we would treat our own, and we hold our customer service to the highest standards. When you partner with Seid Property Maintenance, you will have a team of consultants, project managers and industry professionals working with you to achieve your property goals. We have developed our staff, processes and methods to efficiently and professionally manage every project until its completion. We effectively manage everything from the scope of repairs and budgets to landscaping and major repairs, and we work with you every step of the way. We come from a background of property ownership ourselves, so we understand the trials, complications and potential in working with properties.

Seid Property Maintenance Central Illinois

What can we do for your property?

Seid Property Maintenance understands what is involved in preserving, managing and maintaining your properties.

Take the next step today with a company you can trust! Give us a call at (309) 657-9109.