Board Ups

Need Protection After an Emergency?

If your windows or doors have been damaged due to a tornado, fire, accident or burglary, you need immediate help to ensure the safety of your property. Call for Seid Property Maintenance’s board up service. Our board up professionals are equipped to respond quickly to any service call. We will use HUD approved board up techniques to secure your home or business and to minimize any damage. These measures will prevent rain, snow or wind blowing into your home or store and ruining your possessions or merchandise.

Why Use a Board Up Service?

At Seid Property Maintenance, we understand that repair work takes time and money. For whatever reason, if you cannot replace your windows immediately, calling a board up service is a smart way to ensure your property is immediately safe, secure, and protected from the elements.

What are HUD Specifications?

At Seid Property Maintenance, we follow US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) specifications in all of our board up jobs. This federal department sets these safety standards for board up companies across the country. It dictates the type of material, thickness and application appropriate in a board up situation. For a list of these federal specifications, please visit the following link: Board Up Specifications.

 Contact Seid Property Maintenance Today!

Are you a Peoria area business owner or homeowner with broken windows or doors? If you are in need of a board up service to protect your home or business property, choose Seid Property Maintenance. Our reliable board up technicians won’t let you down. Call us at 309-657-9109 or contact us online today!

Interested in More?

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